Yatavrat (ytv) is an innovative South Asian fusion fashion brand with end-to-end sustainability for the global audience.


Yatavrat translates to “adhering to a strong purpose”, and as such, ytv describes itself. ytv is the answer to the lackluster presence of culture, color and extravagance in the fashion industry across the world.

ytv is successful when we have been able to innovate on sustainability in high-end and everyday fashion; developed clothes that have permeated every occasion of wear (luxury, wedding, everyday, formal, winter, fall, summer, beach, etc); and shared the stage of South Asian culture for everyone to participate in.

Why now

Fashion trends, for the past century, have been dictated in majority by European fashion giants like Hermes, Gucci, Versace and Louis Vuitton, but the world has shown its hunger for something drastically different - something that has been so familiar to the breadth of the world but has been lost to it since colonialism - extravagance.

With the explosion of Asian brands in the fashion spectrum like BAPE, WTAPS, Sabyasachi and even Uniqlo, it has become evident that there is a huge absence of Asian art in fashion and in the means of how each and everyone of us express ourselves everyday through what we wear.

Where Asian art forms differ from European ones is in their boldness and vibrancy in how they express emotions.

Here’s a reminder of what South Asian art looks like:

Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 12.17.55 AM.png


Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 12.22.01 AM.png

ytv aims to be the beacon for sharing South Asian art and fashion fused with global fashion, while pushing the boundaries of sustainability (just like brands like Patagonia, Eileen Fisher and even Allbirds has pioneered).

In essence, ytv is the intersection of the 21st century Gucci x Patagonia x Sabyasachi.


We will begin with high margin products like winter outerwear as this allows for items to be unisex, provide huge opportunity for showcasing the brand, and as a single-purchase long-lasting item.

Furthermore, there is often little outerwear in South Asian fashion, hence allowing for room to innovate for both the South Asian and the international audience.

In the same vein as hype brands, ytv will deploy a social-media driven strategy aimed at achieving vitality. We will interface with the many South Asian and Asian creators on social media to start, and expand to other fashion creators targeting millennial and gen-Z audiences.


In order to succeed in ytv’s mission, there are multiple aspects of the business we need to consider - below are the primary ones.