Were you ever watching a Netflix video and wished you had a comments section like YouTube? Have you ever wanted to leave comments or tag your friends on really pretty homes on Zillow? Did you ever wonder what the honest reviews to different items are on e-commerce sites (Amazon as well as indie shopping sites)?

I envision a way to turn the entire internet - any webpage - into a social media by enabling features like chat, commenting, tagging without ever having to leave the website. With an immersive experience (for MVP probably just a side panel/drawer as a chrome extension), we can continue enjoying the content we regularly do, but with the added spice of interacting with friends or make new ones.

Guiding principles


Already working on this ;)

We already began working on this with a couple of other folks from YC, and other talented engineers. If you're interested in this project, either as a user, or as someone who wants to help us build and launch this, please reach out to me ASAP!